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Tencap is committed to helping our clients arrive at a place of freedom and power around their finances and investments. Tencap has earned the reputation of delivering on an elevated and academic investing experience.

Heading into our second decade marveling at the price each of our clients pay to fulfill their American Dream, we truly are inspired by the extraordinary commitment and sacrifice each of our client’s goals require.

Tencap is leading people across the country toward financial independence. We are committed to transforming the traditional investing experience by extending a higher depth of customer service and overall service offerings to our clients.

We are committed to training and developing our clients to understand financial markets and investing philosophy. That training and development creates a level of fiscal responsibility that, in our experience, few companies can compete with. Tencap’s leading investment methodology has been analyzed and scrutinized for over 30 years and has over 10 billion under management.

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Wealth Advisors

Photo of Greg Black

Greg Black, CFP, ChFC

Founder and President

Photo of Nick Carrigan

Nick Carrigan

Wealth Advisor, Executive Vice President

Photo of Dalton Forsythe

Dalton Forsythe

Wealth Advisor

Photo of Kevin Wisenant

Kevin Whisenant

Wealth Advisor

Photo of Robert Galeria

Robert Galeria

Wealth Advisor

Photo of Rock Allen

Rock Allen

Wealth Advisor

The Team

photo of lindsey black

Lindsey Black


Photo of Joe Griffin

Joe Griffin


Photo of Natalie Clift

Natalie Clift

Operations Director

Photo of Laura Knowles

Laura Knowles

Photo of Ammy Morales

Client Experience

photo of abby green

Abby Jane Green

Client Experience

Photo of Powell Dubois

Powell Dubois

Client Experience

Photo of Katie Griffin

Katie Griffin

Client Experience

Photo of Katie Griffin

Katie Griffin

Client Experience

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