Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning in Utah

One of the most overlooked areas of financial planning is ensuring optimal insurance protection. Yet it is obvious to all of us that before we dream about what we hope to happen tomorrow, it is essential that we address the threats that could come up today.

At Tencap Wealth Coaching, we know that even the best laid plans can get sidetracked and that there is nothing more certain than change. Unexpected life events can threaten our security at the drop of a hat and that is why we take the process of auditing our client’s insurance protection seriously. We are passionate about our portfolios and investment strategies, but no matter how efficient your investment portfolio may be, if an errant left turn or an accidental misstep takes place you need to have the proper protection in place to protect against lawsuits, liabilities and losses. If those losses aren’t addressed properly, they will have a negative, rippling effect on your overall balance sheet.

How We Can Help

As fiduciaries, our financial advisors review each client’s insurance policies and pass along critical feedback and coaching. Plan on reviewing your auto, home, life, disability, and umbrella policies. Together we will make sure these contracts are strong and robust such that if there ever is a loss, that loss gets blocked through a powerful layer of protection that is guarding your assets.

You can expect your financial planner to coach you as you go through any one of these life events:

  • Marriage or divorced.
  • Changes to your health, or the health of a family member.
  • Providing care or financial assistance to a parent.
  • Long-term care needs
  • Starting or expanding a business.
  • Purchasing a new home.
  • Funding education
  • Sickness or injury that prevents employment
  • A new child or grandchild
  • A new driver in the family to be added to your coverage
  • Expected or unexpected inheritance 
  • Addressing the complex issues of a sizable estate or own multiple properties.

Life Insurance

Nothing is so sudden or impactful than the unexpected passing of a loved one. Life insurance is a responsible answer for nearly every household. It provides the financial protection and security that you want for your loved ones regardless of the circumstances.
Life insurance has many variables and each type of policy functions differently. Addressing this area of planning in the proper order is imperative.

  • What amount of coverage should you have?
  • What type of policy is most appropriate for your situation?
  • How long should it stay in place?

You can expect your coach to offer clarifying education around this potentially uncomfortable conversation. Your coach will teach you about tax consequences, cash value, living benefits, supplemental income, and premium flexibility to name a few points. Together you will walk through the pros and cons of different perspectives on life insurance to empower you to make an effective decision.


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