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Phone Number: 435-200-9519
Office Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday to Friday

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The Tencap Process


Meet your advisor

This meeting is an opportunity for you to “interview” your advisor and ask any questions you might have. Your advisor will also take this time to learn more about your situation; your goals, what stage of your career you are in, how much you have been able to save, etc. It’s important that you know your advisor is your advocate. There is no right or wrong about what stage you are in - there is just how we move you forward from here. We work for you; we invite each client to help us create the agenda and workflow. However, know that we are happy to review and analyze every area of your financial life. As a comprehensive financial planning group, we are committed to making sure that each area of your financial life is optimal. Tencap is committed to making sure that no blind-spots exist for you when it comes to your money or financial affairs. Clients usually call us asking for help in one or two areas. We often earn a client’s business by showcasing excellence in those areas. That may be why a client initially hires us. But our clients stay with Tencap because of the competence and coaching we provide in dozens of areas of our client’s lives. Expect the financial advisors at Tencap to help you arrive at a place where you can be completely resolved and assured that you are on a path to build and secure your wealth and be completely financially responsible in every area of your financial world.


Building your financial plan

During this meeting your advisor will be prepared to jump into the numbers and the data surrounding your situation. We will examine the data and provide coaching on how we can optimize your situation. Some examples of what we are looking at is; examining the level of risk/exposure you are taking in your investments. How well diversified are you? How has your performance been? What is driving your investment outcomes? Is your portfolio tax efficient? Are you optimizing your income taxes, or missing basic tax strategies? What is our plan to get your savings to an acceptable place for you? What is our spend-down strategy? How do we factor in inflation? What is our confidence level that you won’t outlive your money? What work needs to be completed around estate planning? Getting clear and present to each of these questions will be the catalysis of our first year together. From there, we can explore other areas of your financial world.


Review & Improve

The one thing you can’t count on over your life, is change. Airplanes take off every day with a flight plan; almost every plane makes adjustments along the way - so it will be with your life and your financial plan. The financial advisors at Tencap have the experience to meet you at each intersection called change and help you adjust and amend your planning. This type of professionalism and experience helps you have confidence and trust that your planning will be excellent, and your customer experience along the way will be exceptional. You can absolutely meet retirement prepared and settled. We stand resolved, excited, capable and committed, to lead you. Schedule your no-cost consolation to get started!

Our Key Services

Business Exit Planning

Selling your business can be demonstrative and stressful. Proper exit strategy requires diligence, coaching, high-level accounting and grit. Selling a business should represent a remarkable milestone.

Retirement Planning

May it be accumulating, preserving, or distributing assets, we can help you assemble your personalized retirement plan. We jump into your balance sheet and help you to start constructing your retirement plan.

Tax Strategy

We review and look at your tax return in conjunction with your CPA from another lens. Your CPA will assemble your tax return from a compliance lens, while we review your tax return from a tax strategy lens.

Estate Planning

We want our clients to pass along their wealth or possessions easily and without concern. We can walk you through the legal lens of estate planning, as well as personalizing your estate plan for you and your family.


Garrett Scherer
Garrett Scherer
Great people and great experience working with their advisors. They are very knowledgeable in investing and take the time to explain their approach and process. Highly recommend!
Joe, Greg and the team are excellent at coaching and empowering clients! I highly recommend them if you are ready to take control of your wealth.
Shannon Roberts
Shannon Roberts
I have worked with Joe Griffin for several years. His attention to detail, knowledge and desire to educate others about the importance of financial planning has been very enlightening and appreciated.
Greg Firn
Greg Firn
Our experience with Tencap has been of the highest quality. The personalization, availability, and attention to details has been outstanding , invaluable, and greatly appreciated. What has been most impressive has been their ability to listen and provide customized, individualized, and time sensitive/appropriate responses. Lastly, we have been made to feel valued and that our needs are a priority irrespective of time of year.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones
Took the American Dream experience, completely changed my perspective of investing. I thought I was too old, do your self a favor and get signed up for this seminar. You will learn how your money can make money, with much less risk.
Dalton Forsythe
Dalton Forsythe
Working with Tencap has been a pleasure. Greg and Nick are very knowledgeable and care deeply about their clients. Their approach to advising and investing is distinct from the "norm" of the industry.
Billy Berner
Billy Berner
Greg and Nick were great. I had some questions about my portfolio and how my retirement accounts could be set up better. They gave me great advice on the stock and bond markets and how to steer and diversify my funds. Highly recommended and I'll definitely be going back to them again for advice on other investment issues
Treya Klassen
Treya Klassen
Greg is so committed to training, coaching and developing clients to be great investors.
Lee Henrikson
Lee Henrikson
I'm always a bit hesitant to leave a review, however my experience with the leadership of Tencap, mainly Joe, was incredible. Laser focused, super genuine, and most important for me, Honest. Thank you so much for the amazing service and support!


Transform your financial future

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Tencap excels in comprehensive financial planning in Logan, Utah leading out in money management, estate, insurance, and tax planning. Our clients come to understand the value of effective tax planning. We work closely with CPAs to minimize your tax bill; which for our clients, is often their largest bill!

Tencap is a stated fiduciary on each case in Logan, Utah – this means we can be trusted and held accountable to lead in your best interest.
For high-net-worth individuals seeking financial planning and complete financial organization, we are the solution.

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