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Ammy Morales

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“When we embrace diversity in finance, we open the doors to a wealth of perspectives, ideas, and opportunities that can transform the industry and pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future.”


Ammy Morales helps the firm by providing top-notch assistance with email correspondence and delivering exceptional customer service experiences and planning for Tencap clients. 

Ammy, a Student at Utah State University, is currently in her junior year majoring in Finance and Sociology. Ammy is fascinated by the financial planning space and is eager to learn from the amazing professionals from Tencap.  

In her free time, Ammy volunteers in her community with Latinos in Action or the Utah food bank. Ammy enjoys ice skating, rollerblading, pottery, or simply learning any new and fun artistic skill. Above all, Ammy is passionate about being family-oriented and aspires to create a nonprofit for underrepresented students pursuing higher education.

“Building wealth is not so much a matter of finding the magic beans or the silver bullet investment; it is more a matter of disciplined behavior executed for a consistent period of time.”

Jesse started working in financial services in 2015 with Evident Wealth Management in operations. When Evident merged with Tencap Wealth Coaching in 2019, he joined the Tencap team.

Jesse is responsible for maintaining day to day operations, processing applications, and keeping client and account information up to date.


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